DriftLook: FREE PPC Competitor Analysis Tool

Whether you are starting a brand new paid search campaign or want to spruce up your existing one, competitor research is a great place to start.

With DriftLook, our free PPC competitor analysis tool, you get valuable insights into what the competition is doing. Simply choose a competitor domain and see how much they are spending, what their ads say, what keywords they are bidding on, and more!


Strategically determine your keywords

Better optimize your ad copy

Create higher converting landing pages

Improve paid search effectiveness

See Who Your PPC Competitors Are

If you've already landed upon our PPC analysis tool, you probably already know who your main competitors are. But under the circumstances that you don't, our tool provides a list of the top domains competing in the same paid search landscape.
This will give you an idea of what brands are driving your CPCs up and competing for the same searchers as you. Take note of their website URLs so you can use our competitor tool to peek at their advertising strategies.

View Competitor's Ad Spend

Maybe you're not sure how much you should be spending on Google ads. Our tool can help you identify how much your competitors spend each month on their campaigns. With this information, you can better understand what you should budget to compete effectively on Google Ads.

See Competitor's Paid Search Traffic

Want to get an idea of how much traffic your competitors are getting from their PPC ads? Our tool tells you the number of clicks they receive on their search ads every month.
Use this number as a benchmark to determine whether or not your campaign has room for improvement.
Because our tool also provides your competitor’s monthly budget and the number of target keywords, you can get an idea of where you may need to make adjustments to receive a similar number of clicks from your advertising efforts.

View Competitor Paid Search Ads

Another great benefit of our free PPC competitor analysis tool is that it provides insight into the ad creative that your competition is running. Maybe they are using headlines that are more engaging than yours. Perhaps they are promoting an offer that hasn't crossed your mind. Get a snapshot into precisely what your competition is telling searchers so you can do better.

Get CTA Ideas

A great benefit of the DriftLook PPC competitor tool is that it gives you insight into what calls to action (CTAs) your competitors are using on their landing page. This can help you refine your own CTAs in your ad copy and on your website.

DriftLook Google Keyword Tool

One of the most challenging aspects of paid search is knowing which keywords to target. Our Google keyword tool gives you a list of the top-performing keywords for your competitors. And the best part about it is that it's free! Most keyword research tools start at $99 per month, but you get the same insight with ours for nothing at all.
Our PPC Competitor tool not only tells you what keywords your competitors are bidding on, but it also tells you the average keyword CPC, competitor ad position, and the number of advertisers that are also bidding on that term.
If you're just starting your paid search campaign, we recommend starting with the keywords that have the lowest CPCs, the fewest number of advertisers, and, of course, are hyper-relevant to your business.

Get a Jumpstart on Your Paid Search Efforts

With DriftLook, our free advanced PPC competitor analysis tool, You will have a leg up on your competition and be able to give your paid search campaign an optimal chance at success.

PPC Competitor Tool

Now that you have found our PPC analysis tool, you probably want to know how we suggest using it. From start to finish, our tool should be able to give you almost everything you need to jumpstart a brand new paid search campaign or revamp your existing one.


Choose a competitor

First things first, choose a competitor to research. This company should be one that you consider your direct competition. Simply put their domain name in the search bar and go! Please keep in mind that this competitor needs to be running an active paid search campaign for our platform to work.


Get a performance snapshot

After you choose your competitor and put them into our PPC research tool, you will receive a snapshot that tells you at a high level what that company is doing for paid search advertising. You can see their monthly budget, average ad position, the number of keywords they are bidding on, and the number of clicks they get from their ads every month.
Take note of how much they are spending and the number of keywords they are bidding on and compare it to your own paid search efforts and those of other competitors. For example, if you are spending around the same amount and bidding on a comparable number of keywords, but your competitor is receiving much more traffic than you, this may mean you need to re-think your ad creative to get a better CTR.


Get a peek at their website

Now that you have an idea of how much you should be spending and perhaps where your existing campaign can use a refresh, you can get insights about your competitor's website. Get a glimpse of the homepage of their site and the CTAs they use most prominently. If a particular call to action appears more often than others, it may be something worth testing out for your business. We recommend implementing several different CTAs and playing around with the placement of each until you get a champion experience.
This is also an excellent opportunity to analyze the general appearance of the website and take note of anything they are doing that you like and think could work on your own website. Of course, we don't suggest copying them exactly. Use this more as "inspiration".


Understand their keywords

Now it's time to get a look into your competition’s top-performing keywords. Our DriftLook Google keyword tool will give you the top 10 keywords this particular competitor is bidding on. Here you can get an idea of what search queries are performing the best for them. You can also understand how much of their traffic comes from branded vs. non-branded traffic.
For example, if most of your competitor's keywords include their brand name, they may be doing more in other channels to build brand awareness. On the other hand, if most of their keywords do not have their brand name in them, you can assume they're spending the bulk of their advertising budget on paid search. Take note of the keywords that show up in this list; pay attention to the average CPC of each and their competition levels. You can then compare this list to the keywords other competitors are bidding on and potentially include some of them in your own campaign.


Look at their ad creative

The last part of our tool is our competitor ad creative feature. Here you can see what this competitor is saying in their ad copy. You may notice that they include specific call-outs like free shipping, free returns, curbside pickup, and more. You may also see that they are promoting a special sale or product feature that you could enable for your brand.


Grab another competitor from the list

After you've gotten a clear understanding of your first competitor's PPC strategy, it's time to look at another one. Copy another domain from the competitors list and paste it back into our tool.



Follow the same steps for this competitor as you did with the last one. Pay attention to any commonalities between this business and the last one. For example, if both competitors spend quite a bit more than you do on paid search, it might be time to increase your budget. Or perhaps they are all advertising a 30% discount in their ad creative. In this instance, you may want to include a similar offer to be competitive.



Once you have used our competitor tool for a handful of domains, you can start putting together your paid search campaign.

1. Choose a budget that compares with those of your competitors

2. Decide on a handful of CTAs to include in your ads and on your landing page

3. Make some tweaks to your website based on what your competitors are doing

4. Decide on a list of keywords that you want to target

5. Create ads that are more compelling than your competitor's

6. Build your new PPC account


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