Comprehensive PPC Services

We provide world-class PPC advertising services from strategy and consulting to management and optimization. We are a certified Google partner and have a track record of driving incredible results for our clients.

Our pay-per-click services allow you to make the most of your digital marketing campaigns. In addition, we offer custom solutions for businesses of all sizes and needs. So whether you want to run ads on Facebook, Google or aren't quite sure where to start, we are happy to help.




PPC or pay-per-click advertising is an effective digital marketing channel and is growing in popularity. More people are consuming content online than ever before. Therefore, traditional television advertising is becoming obsolete. PPC makes it easy to deliver ads to your specific audience across all forms of internet connectivity.

Ulra-effective campaign

With online advertising, you can show your brand to your target audience exactly when they are looking for your product or service. PPC also enables precise user targeting and AI-powered bidding algorithms for an ultra-effective campaign.

Cost-effective solution

Furthermore, pay per click solution for businesses with different advertising budgets. Television advertising can be expensive, ineffective, and incredibly difficult to track. PPC addresses these issues with a cost-effective solution that gives you more data and control.

Paid Search Services

Paid search is a popular paid media channel and is one of our primary service offerings at DriftLead. Paid search allows you to tailor advertising to a specific user and the keywords they are searching for. While organic search can take months or even years to master, paid search allows you to show in the #1 google position stantaneously.

Paid Search Strategy

Many moving components go into a successful paid search strategy, which is why DriftLead offers search consulting services to our clients. Let us guide you on the types of ads you should use, the keywords you should target, the search engines you should be on, the landing pages, account structure, and so much more.

Paid Search Auditing

If you have an existing paid search account that has not been performing or simply needs a refresh, DriftLead will conduct a thorough paid search audit to see what's been working and what hasn't. A typical paid search audit includes reviewing account structure, keyword targeting ad creative, landing page relevance, search queries, and of course, historical performance. We let data dictate what the future of your account should look like.

Google Ads

As you may have guessed, Google is the most prominent paid search channel due to its domination of the market share. According to Search Engine Journal, in 2021, Google accounted for almost 87% of the global search market—making it a no-brainer channel for business owners wanting a piece of the pie.Our team at DriftLead has worked with Google ads since nearly its inception. As a result, we adapt to and anticipate the frequent changes the ad giant makes to the platform—from new ad formats to beta bidding strategies; we are constantly testing and staying ahead of the curve.

Microsoft Ads (AKA, Bing)

Believe it or not, Google is not the only search engine on the web. Bing is the second largest search engine after Google, with a global market share of only 6.7%. A few years ago, Microsoft acquired the search engine and rebranded its ad platform to "Microsoft Ads."While the 6.7% market share may not have you falling over in your seat, Bing presents an excellent opportunity to marketers. Because most businesses flock towards Google, Microsoft ads tends to be quite a bit more affordable. Additionally, the user base skews more affluent, making Bing searchers more lucrative to marketers.Although the two search platforms have a lot in common, at DriftLead, we can appreciate and respond to their differences. Unlike most PPC service providers, we give you a custom search account for each platform.

Pay Per Click Management Services

We don't just handle auditing and account setups. When you work with DriftLead, you get a turnkey paid advertising solution. We monitor, optimize and manage your campaigns after they launch to make sure you are hitting your key objectives.


Paid Social Services

Paid search may be the veteran in online advertising, but we must not ignore its newer, effective counterparts. Paid social has consumed an increasingly large percentage of ad expenditure, and it is expected that advertisers will spend a collective 56 billion dollars on paid social advertising this year alone.

Paid Social Auditing

When you hire us for paid social advertising, we like to start by conducting an audit of previous social media campaigns to see what has worked in the past and what can be improved.

Paid Social Strategy

Paid social refers to any paid marketing campaign that involves Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Rather than paid search—where targeting revolves around search queries, paid social is audience-focused and creative-driven. DriftLead provides paid social strategy and consulting services to help you maximize your presence across all paid media platforms.

Instagram Ads

Meta's other social media platform, Instagram, has over 1.4 billion monthly active users. While your average business is still catching up on using Instagram ads to generate sales, those at the forefront are seeing great results. Instagram is an excellent channel for promoting products and services with a visual component. As part of the Facebook advertising suite, we can leverage the platform as part of your paid social strategy.

Facebook Ads

When it comes to advertising your brand, Facebook's reach is second to none. With over 2 billion active monthly users, the platform allows you to target many people with diverse interests and backgrounds. Facebook also allows you to deliver ads in a subtle format on a forum in which they are readily engaged.

Facebook also has unparalleled lookalike targeting and seamless catalog integrations for eCommerce stores. However, more recently, Facebook has become a more challenging medium to navigate due to new privacy restrictions and OS updates. That's why it's helpful to partner with a Facebook ads expert like DriftLead.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a must for B2B businesses, but it's easy to overlook its capabilities as an advertising platform. LinkedIn's audience is ideal for targeting people based on occupation, company, seniority, title, and other profession-related criteria.

While LinkedIn is a great way to reach a highly-targeted business audience, it tends to be quite expensive with minimum spend requirements and astronomical CPMs. If you're considering running LinkedIn ads, it's best to work with a LinkedIn advertising expert like DriftLead to help you navigate it.

Other Channel Services

Display Ads

We work with some of the largest display networks in the world, including the Google Display Network (GDN). Therefore, we can deliver campaigns across different networks and platforms and optimize only toward the most effective ones. In addition, display is a great option for targeting users who haven't interacted with your business yet or retargeting to non-converters.

With top-of-the-line display advertising, you can generate brand awareness attention before users even have an opportunity to search for your product or service in search. Then, if they come to your website and don't convert, you can show them retargeting ads to entice them to return.

Youtube Ads

YouTube is home to hundreds of millions of viewers, which means it's a great place to advertise. With in-stream and pre-roll video formats, you can deliver engaging videos to users when they are intently watching and have their sound enabled.

If you have engaging videos that you'd like to advertise on YouTube, DriftLead can ensure that they are delivered to the proper audience in a cost-effective manner.

Shopping Ads

If you have an eCommerce store and want to drive product sales. DriftLead can help you implement an effective shopping campaign across Google and Facebook.

Deliver your product to people who are in the market for it. We ensure that qualified traffic is driven to optimized product pages. We can also help you set up more advanced features like dynamic product retargeting and more.

OmniChannel Advertising Services

Today's consumer is using multiple channels to consume content and shop online. Therefore, there is no one channel that businesses should prioritize over others. Instead, an optimal advertising campaign should involve multiple channels, each serving a different part of the user journey. For example, use display advertising to generate awareness, retargeting ads to re-engage previous website visitors, and search ads to capitalize on buying intent.DriftLead can advise on what channels make the most sense for your business and goals

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