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Get the most from your advertising budget. DriftLead offers world-class PPC services so you can get top-quality service without breaking the bank. Establishing a well-rounded PPC campaign is the key to successful advertising efforts. Let our experts handle all aspects of running your PPC campaign so you can focus on other aspects of your business.


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Our PPC experts take care of setting up and managing all aspects of a PPC campaign from start to finish, so you can focus on growing your business.

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We are certified Google partners and an Upwork Top Rated Plus agency. When you work with us, you can have peace of mind that your advertising is in good hands.

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We make sure every campaign we manage is accountable and delivers desired outcomes as efficiently as possible.

Expertise at Every Step

Whether you need an account setup or ongoing management, we can handle it.

Quality Insight and Analysis

You'll receive a combination of custom recommendations based on your campaign data and recommendations based on our tested best practices across all campaigns. Receive reporting and insights at every step of the way.

SEO vs.  PPC

Which Do You Need?

SEO and PPC (pay-per-click) are both critical components of growing a successful business through digital channels. Search is where high-intent consumers (and companies) come to look for your products and services. The critical difference between the two search channels is that SEO is organic and PPC is paid.

While businesses need both to succeed, one is a longer journey than the other. It can take months and even years to start ranking for valuable keywords organically through SEO.

Meanwhile, PPC is a great way to jumpstart your search presence by showing up at the top of Google almost instantaneously

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is an internet advertising model used for search engine marketing. Unlike conventional display ads that show up alongside other content on sites, pay-per-click ads are often shown in the form of a text ad on the search engine result page.

If you're unfamiliar with PPC, it stands for pay-per-click and is one of many advertising methods. When someone clicks on an ad created in Google Ads or Microsoft (Bing) Ads, they are taken directly to a website or optimized landing page that promotes a given action. The most cost-effective way of using advertising dollars is through pay-per-click advertising. You only pay when people click on your ads versus every time they are seen or even read.

Why Should You Outsource PPC Marketing Services

For most small businesses, hiring an in-house PPC expert is unrealistic. Between hiring, onboarding, and training—not to mention salary and benefits—companies often end up spending significantly more than they would have if contracted with an outside firm. So why should your business care? An external team will be able to provide deep insight into the competitive nature of your product offering or service that can help inform decision-making both now and in the future.

It's easy to make costly mistakes when business owners try to manage campaigns themselves. That's why businesses should work with an experienced firm with a proven track record, like DriftLead. We have some of the most talented PPC managers with over ten years of experience who know exactly how to maximize conversions and generate revenue.

How to Choose a PPC Agency

When deciding which PPC agency to work with, you should be asking a few questions. Do they have experience running campaigns for businesses in your industry? For example, if you are a B2B SaaS business, you'll want to work with an agency with lots of experience in B2B and SaaS (which, by the way, we do!) You'll also want to get a feel for the budget sizes they have managed in the past and which channels they have experience with.

DriftLead has experience with SaaS organizations, B2B firms, lead generation companies, and local businesses alike. We have experience running omnichannel campaigns through social, search and display.

What DriftLead PPC Campaign Management Services Can Do For Your Business

DriftLead, an experienced PPC agency, can do everything from managing your campaigns and creating landing pages to analyzing past performance and spotting areas for growth. We have in-depth knowledge of what works best and why allowing us to use our experience on behalf of your business.

No matter what kind of business you're running—your advertising efforts will benefit immensely from working with an experienced pay-per-click agency, like DriftLead. A good agency will never pressure or push you into spending more money until you have established a healthy ROI. Instead, they'll listen closely to your needs and deliver campaigns that help you overcome your specific challenges.

How Do We Ensure PPC results

At DriftLead, we are PPC managers with over a decade of experience helping businesses grow through paid media channels. We keep a close eye on campaign performance at all times and work directly with you to stay abreast of specific trends or happenings in your business or industry.

We tailor each PPC strategy specifically to your business and target audience, ensuring that every client receives service and results beyond their expectations. We work hard to generate continuous growth for our clients and improve their profits. In addition, we offer complete transparency, so you can see exactly what is happening with your accounts at all times.

Different Types of PPC Ads?

There are different types of ads used in pay-per-click advertising.

Search Ads

Search ads are the most popular form of PPC ad—these are the text ads that show up at the top of the search engine results when you perform a search in Google.

Display Ads

Display ads are visual banner images that show alongside content on a website. Display ads are most commonly used for building brand awareness.

Shopping Ads

Deliver images of your product to people who are searching for something similar. When a user clicks on a shopping ad, it takes them directly to the corresponding product page on your eCommerce store.

Social Ads

Deliver visual content to users on social media platforms. Generate awareness, drive traffic or earn conversions.

Video Ads

Target video advertisements to your audience across Connected TV, YouTube, and other streaming channels.

Remarketing Ads

Target video advertisements to your audience across Connected TV, YouTube, and other streaming channels.

Local Service Ads

If you are a local business, show up at the top of the Google map pack and convert users at a whopping 50% rate.

Why PPC Marketing Is Essential To Your Business

PPC advertising is one of those parts of running an online business that absolutely can't be ignored if you want to get actual results and drive real traffic. However, like any part of running an online business, it can also be time-consuming, especially if you don't have experience managing paid search campaigns yourself or hiring someone who does.

Getting everything set up and running properly isn't always straightforward – but that doesn't mean it has to be complicated! Our team of PPC experts can take care of all those details for you so that all you have to do is sit back and watch your business grow.

Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Managing
Their Own PPC Campaigns

It can be tempting to try and manage all of your marketing efforts in-house. Still, each media platform has its nuances and intricacies and it can be incredibly overwhelming to those inexperienced in the channels. In addition, each PPC ad platform aims to maximize its revenue by getting you (the advertiser) to spend more money. For this reason, do-it-yourself businesses tend to waste thousands of dollars taking recommendations from Google and Facebook. One of the many advantages of working with DriftLead is that we can help you navigate through the fluff to make sure you are spending your money as efficiently as possible.

Another common mistake we see is that businesses cannot correctly track conversion events and measure campaign impact and ROI. At DriftLead, we have experience setting up complex conversion events from button clicks and form submissions to meeting schedules and phone calls. We also report on the completion of conversion events, so you know exactly what impact your campaigns have on your bottom line.

The list goes on; we have seen every mistake in the book. So it's best to avoid the risk and hire a professional. That's where we come in.

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